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Department of Women and Child Development is running one Statutory and three Non-Statutory Residential Institutions for the rehabilitation and empowerment of under privileged women.


Admission process: In statutory institution, admission is given by the order of the concerned courts and in non-statutory institutions admission is given on the recommendations of the Admission Committee, which consists of District Officer as Chairperson, Senior most Superintendent of the Nirmal Chhaya complex as member and Superintendent of the concerned institution as convener.


Details about these institutions are as follows:-


I. Statutory Institutions

1. Nirmal Chhaya , Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Background - Nirmal Chhaya is a statutory institution for an effective implementation of the objectives of The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. The Department had declared Nirmal Chhaya as a Protective Institution & Corrective Institution in 1988. Sanctioned capacity of the institution is 100 residents.

Nirmal Chhaya admits women and girls under the following categories at the orders of the concerned court: -

- Women and girls rescued from brothels.

- Women and girls in morale danger.

- Women and girls under sections 363, 366 and 376 of IPC, etc.

Women and girls are discharged from the Institution following the Court orders. The Institution provides free boarding, lodging, medical care, mental health care, protection, counseling, psychiatric treatment, vocational training, guidance, basic education and recreation activities for the residents.

Contact Details – Superintendent, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi-110064, Tel-28520348, 28520653, 28520856.

II. Non-Statutory Institutions

1. Short Stay Home, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Background - Short Stay Home is an institution set up to provide short/temporary shelter to the needy women/girls in the age group of 18-45 years in distress, pending their restoration/re-adjustment in their families or admission in suitable institutions. Such women seek admission in the Institution voluntarily. Sanctioned capacity of the institution is 50. The Institution is open 24 hours for women/girls who are

- Victims of family discord, mal-adjustment and victims of ill-treatment. victims of domestic violence

- shelterless, destitute, deserted women/girls who are in need of immediate protection

- Unprotected women/girls in moral danger.

Women/ girls who are suffering from incurable, infectious or communicable diseases or physical disability or mentally retarded or leprosy affected are not eligible for admission. If a woman is having dependent children, then only such children, who are below six years of age will be permitted to stay with her, provided they are not suffering from any infectious or incurable disease. Children above six years of age of women residing in short stay institution are kept in the Children Institution run by the Department. Women are encouraged to take up vocational training and basic education courses so that they can be rehabilitated back in their families. A cutting & tailoring instructor is available in the Institution for skill development of the residents.

Contact Details – Superintendent, Short Stay Institution, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi, Tel-28520114.

2. Widow Home, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Background - Widow Home was established in the year 1970 and has a sanctioned capacity of admitting 100 widows in the age group of 18-45 years. It provides shelter, free boarding, lodging, educational and vocational training facilities to the widows who are homeless or without any means of subsistence, in moral danger and are bonafide residents of Delhi. Women should not be suffering from any incurable infection or any other communicable disease or physical disability or mental retardation.

Contact Details – Superintendent, Widow Home , Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi, Tel-28520114.

3. After Care Home for Women, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Background - After Care Home has a sanctioned capacity of admitting 100 women in the age group of 18-35 years. It provides after care services like training in nursing and mid wifery, nursery teacher training through Industrial Training Institute (ITI), a Government of Delhi institution and any other vocational training to rehabilitate the residents. It also provides non-formal education, school education, training to those female residents of custodial and non-custodial Institutions/Institutions whose past conduct/behavior was satisfactory and after the completion of their stay in these institutions, are further found to be in need of after care services. Efforts are made to secure their placements in private sector or Govt. sector. Efforts are also made to arrange their marriage as another mode of rehabilitation in the society. Free boarding, clothing, bedding, medical facilities and counseling are provided to such women.

Contact Details – Superintendent, After Care Home for Women, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi, Tel-28520653

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