Delhi Commission for Women is running family counseling unit called ‘Sahyogini’.  This is a continuing facet of services to women given by the Commission.  A panel of Members and Legal Advisers hold ‘Sahyogini Sessions’ where counseling is done for disputing parties.  Many hearings are conducted before the Commission reaches a final conclusion of solution for the affected women.  It exercises the powers of a Civil Court to ensure compliance of its summons for witnesses and for evidence.   Often disputes are settled and families are reconciled.  Follow up is also done periodically for the cases handled by the Commission.

The number of cases handled are steadily increasing which is a clear  indication that the functioning of the Cells is well received by the women in distress and they have no hesitation in referring their grievances for redressal through ‘Sahyogini’.  The Commission has created a friendly space where sensitive family issues can be discussed, counseling taken, and reconciliation attempted at the pre-litigation stage.   The cases attended to pertain to the following areas: -

  • Matrimonial dispute
  • Child custody
  • Dowry related issues
  • Maintenance
  • Harassment by neighbours
  • Extra marital relationships
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