Crisis Intervention Centres(CICs)

CICs is a scheme for providing support to victims of rape, domestic violence and torture. To professionally handle the investigation of rape case of minor victims and to rehabilitate the needy ones amongst them, Delhi Commission for Women has motivated Delhi Police to expedite and expand the initiative of Rape Crisis Intervention Centres from 3 to 7 police districts of Delhi.
Delhi Commission for Women is working with a small group of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who can provide effective counselling to victims and to their families.
A disciplined drill is laid out under the Standing Instructions which enable these NGOs in carrying out functions of liaison with police and hospitals in the course of their duties. Delhi Police and the associated NGOs work in an integrated partnership under this scheme.


  • To provide a support structure to the CICs of Police Department.
  • To ensure transparency in the professional investigation, registration of FIR and medical examination.
  • To reduce trauma and provide counselling help to the victim, family and the immediate attached community.
  • Medical help where required, particularly for treatment of victim. (sometimes this is very expensive and financial support is needed).
  • To provide financial assistance to victim, family for the duration of investigation.
  • To help in the rehabilitation of the victim.

Legal aid where necessary is being provided under this scheme.

CICs Districts:

CICs have been set up in 11 Districts in Delhi: -

  • North–East District
  • East District
  • Central District
  • North District
  • North-West District
  • South District
  • South-West District
  • West District
  • South East
  • New Delhi
  • Outer Delhi

List of Crisis Intervention Centres

Sr.No. District
1. North - West (N/W)
2. South- West (S/W)
3. South
4. South – East (S / E)
5. New Delhi
6. Outer
7. East
8. North - East
9. North
10. West
11. Central
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