Since the reconstitution of the Commission in January 2000, the Commission started projects with the aim of making women economically empowered.  One of the major initiatives taken by the Delhi Commission for Women in the year 2000-2001 was to set up pilot projects in collaboration with partner NGOs for empowering women economically and thus helping prevent crimes against women.  The Commission tied up with various NGOs working in various parts of Delhi for formation of Self-Help Groups.

What is SHGs

SHG is a group formed by the community women, which has specific number of members like 15 or 20. In such a group the poorest women would come together for emergency, disaster, social reasons, economic support to each other  have ease of conversation, social interaction and economic interactions.


The SHG programme has assumed such enormous dimension in a brief period of about one year that these are as mentioned below:-


Self-Help Groups-more than 16,000 women have been involved.

 Total No. of Groups


No. of Members (Approx.)


(in Rs.)

Total Saving


Loan given


Total recovery


 Interest received 




Bank Account opened