Workshop on Gender Sensitization

14 to 28 June, 2004


Delhi Commission for Women is working in matters relating to domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape cases etc.  In addition, the Delhi Commission for Women in its efforts making the people gender sensitive and in order to educate staff on sexual harassment at the workplace have arranged workshops in various departments/organizations. 

The Centre for Social Research which is a leading organization had done a lot to help the women in distress and worked out a programme on gender sensitization and charged Rs. 6000.00 per workshops was held for 25-30 participants at a time, for both male and female participants. Since  the workshop was a full day one working lunch could be provided. Materials for the workshop was circulated by the organizers of the workshop.

Delhi Commission for Women appointed the Nodal Officers from various departments and organization.  Some of the Nodal officers are as under:

S. No. Name of the Nodal Officer Telephone No.


Dr. Avinash Kaur Mehta,


Dte. of Family Welfare,

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Malka Ganj, Delhi-110 007

Ph. 23964839 (O)

       25503259 (R)


Sh. Durga Das,

Joint Director (Ind.)

Office of the Commissioner of Industries

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

CPO Building, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110 006

Ph. 23864497 (O)

       27113033 (R)


Smt. Vimla Mehra, IPS

CAW Cell, Nanakpura, New Delhi-110 021

Ph. 26882691 (O)

       24672833 (R)


Smt. Ranjana Deswal,

Dy. Commissioner (Tpt.),

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Transport Department,

5/9, Under Hill Road, Delhi-110 054

Ph. 23985126 (O)

       27033534 (R)


Sh. Piyush Sharma,

Joint Labour Commissioner (L)

Office of the Labour Commissioner

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

5, Sham Nath Marg, Delhi-110 054

Ph. 23977832 (O)

       25450304 (R)


The aim of the workshop the participants will be able to:


The programme schedule for gender sensitization workshop was given below: -






15 minutes

Getting to know each other (metaphor exercise)

To create a positive learning environment

30 minutes

Expectations & Anxieties

To know their expectations from the workshop and relating them with objectives of the workshop

15 minutes

What Gender?

Why Gender?

To identify and analyze our perceptions and its effect on expectations from the children

1 hour 15 minutes

Statements To understand and analyze the effect of stereotypes in our daily lives 1 hour



1 hour

Sexual harassment as an issue Identify and analyze sexual harassment at workplace as an issue of concern that adversely affects men and women 1 hour 15 minutes

Film show and discussion on sexual harassment

(Can't take it anymore)


30 minutes

Power and power relations Analyze gender relations as power relations 45 minutes
Synthesis and enclosure   20 minutes

Date & Time:

Schedule for Gender Sensitization workshops were as under:

S. No. Name of the Department Date
1. New Delhi Municipal Council 14.06.2004
2. General Administration Department 15.06.2004
3. Delhi Development Authority 16.06.2004
4. Health Department 17.06.2004
5. Delhi Transport Corporation 18.06.2004
6. India Trade Promotion Organization 21.06.2004
7. Municipal Corporation of Delhi 22.06.2004
8. Transport Department 23.06.2004
9. Dte. of Education 24.06.2004
10. Department of Social Welfare 25.06.2004
11. Services Department 28.06.2004


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